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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


You Are It


           We are all on a journey of discovery that requires us to acquire knowledge on the way to Gnosis. Once a certain level of awareness is attained, the Truth will jump out at you as if you got hit with a bolt of lightning. The Truth has been hidden in plain site for millennium. Once this Truth is attained, It will not only set you free, but open the gate to your true state of consciousness.

        Unity Consciousness in the 5th Dimension is the destination. Awareness is the key that unlocks the prison that has held humanity hostage from the beginning of Time.

       With more knowledge and experience, if we pay attention, one develops a sharp mind that pierces through the illusory reality that is dominated by our desire for sensual pleasure and escape.  We've been tricked into using our intellectual thought, free will and intention to animate a universe  according to somebody else's agenda .

      The Way of the Spiritual  Warrior is a lonely, pathless quest. As we traverse this return to the stars, our experiences and relationships serve as reflections of our progress.We must comprehend the fact that there are no mistakes. Our reality is created by what we've been conditioned to beLIEve. The trick is to shed all said programming and know that we are the creators of our story. In the end, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

       Taking back the reigns of our chariot and awakening to the fact that we are the authors of our story is a huge responsibility.The options are endless. Quantum physics tells us that a multitude of  potential universes are available to step into and animate at any given moment. When we awaken in our dream and realize our immense power, nothing can stand in our way of manifesting the reality of our choosing.

       Balance is the key. A merging of the Light and the Dark ... the Feminine and the Masculine ... the Yin and the Yang. A tether of humility and gratitude must be established to keep us grounded. For when the Fire is ignited, it's very easy to get lost and misuse our new found glory of the fearless Serpent.

       Many talk about surrendering to the Will of the Absolute. Would it be too egregious to enter into a partnership with the Force that animates the universe? Asking for guidance while at the same time being given the ability to take off the training wheels and fly like the eagles that we are. All fear and doubt must be abandoned .... for these states of mind only serve to remove us from the present moment and inhibit merging with the Absolute power of the Unnameable, Unknowable One.

       Stepping into the cosmic river of destiny requires us to stop fighting the Flow and start riding the lightning with Grace. The Transcendental Attractor is at our disposal. Ready and willing to deliver the reality that we desire as co-creators. Of course discernment must be practiced. Because in the end, debts must be paid.

      Mastery of our emotions and the development of 6th sense of Intuition will unlock our ability to tap into our latent powers that were available before the Fall. Reconnecting with Source ... downloading the necessary knowledge will assist us to transcend time and space and break out of the Matrix of intellectual thought.

The Unknowable One is cheering us on. Holding up a mirror of our progress on a daily basis as we make the journey to liberate our Spirit and unify with The One. As we make our pilgrimage  back to the Eternal Spirit, we must shed all the shackles of the 3rd Dimension , jump into the Abyss and finally 'Let Go and Flow'.

Now .... Is our mission to surrender or merge with The One?

Probably both.

I do know One thing .... it's time to Awaken  Unite and Generate..... because You Are It.


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