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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Carry On

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I’ve been studying the topic/theory of ‘letting go’ for about 10 years now. One of my first books(manual) on the topic, ‘The Power of Now’ (Eckhart Tolle) showed me how to watch my thoughts; to be an astute observer of my mind. 

'Fitting in' been a constant throughout my life. Ever since I was a child, people have looked at me differently. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997 simply added fuel to the fire. The mundane tended to shrug off my philosophies and theories as being ‘part of the illness”. Many years of trying to ‘learn them me’ has lead to a dead end.

 In any form of deep thought, we’re taught to stay present and ‘just be’. On the contrary, 'in order to grow, we must go back”. And going back is a very tricky bridge to cross. A double-edged sword if you will. Many of our friends and family members are stuck. And their unturned stones are unturned for a reason. Simply because we've been given the gift of enlightenment doesn't give us the right to fix everyone else.

Meditation is my method of starting the day and connecting with all that is pure. It's magical. However, it would serve no purpose to describe the indescribable. Besides, I've found that the details of this path to enlightenment are to be only discussed with the willing and able. If not, we'll get stuck defending our views.

 So enjoy your gift enlightened ones. Continue your process of growth.  Carry on.

 Because in the end, the only person we can change is ourselves.




Communicate Prepare Execute

        We've all heard the saying "Find a way to make money doing what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Easier said than done.

    Playing 9 yrs in the NFL was a great experience. I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream of playing professional sports and made many lasting friendships along the way. At first glance, making six figures a year fresh out of college seemed like winning the lottery. I had it made. I thought I was 'set for life'. Like most pro athletes, I never even thought about when/what/where to work after 'retirement'. In retrospect, I missed a great opportunity.

      When I was traveling the globe, my high school and college classmates were paying their dues in the working world. They would be forced to pick a profession and work their way up the corporate ladder. It turns out that for every year played in professional sports, one year is lost preparing for 'life after sports.'

     After years of chasing the dollar, I've finally taken a step in the right direction. My new position of  Co-Founder/President/National Spokesperson for has made me finally realize that we have a lot of work ahead of us. When we give, we shall then receive. I've always wanted  to help those in need.  Finally breaking my allegiance  to "living the currently twisted. American dream"........Make as much money as possible, raise kids, join the club, travel the world , pretend the money will continue to flow and give back 10% to the local church as well as another 10% to those in need such as food, clothing. What, so they can suffer comfortably?............. Not a method I would like to indulge in. I want to go after the source of the suffering and address the problems directly. Creating jobs, mentoring those in need, coaching those that want to be coached.

    My goal now is to touch as many lives as possible.And I'm aware of the tough journey that lies ahead. Lobbyists and non-profits, all jockeying for funding, adding to the  perverted the system that's in place. It's not broken, but needs a shot of new blood and mindfulness. I'm thinking about NAMI, but will meet with DBSA this week.We've got a nice team being assembled.  dealing w/ depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol abuse etc etc). Setting up an interactive site where I can do raise money for research, spread awareness, host pod casts and promote group interaction for those suffering as well as. A Facebook application  for those suffering from mental illness.

        My 'mirror approach' on stabilization/recovery/productivity is based on my theory that the diagnosis is a 'family diagnosis'. Meaning all parties involved must not only support, but rehabilitate as well. Many of the neuroses are formed in our youth....our developmental years of 1- 6 yrs old. After this age, the computer(child) is hard wired. Of course each situation will vary depending on predisposition, abuse, neglect, experiences(tragic/joyous) etc. But in my opinion, the catalyst of becoming 'unstable' and the eventual manifestation of depression can be traced back our social settings, parents, teachers, coaches, etc.(ie not being 'understood'). Since everyone is wired differently, some kids will need a hug while others need a little more discipline. Whatever the case, I see a need for more evaluation and communication within the family unit, classroom, locker room and/or board room. The days of 'my way or the highway' are over. With the progress of modern psychology and the multitude of resources/data available, there's no reason why we can't create an atmosphere to help special needs kids and adults alike. Please comment and let me know if you have any desire to works on these upcoming projects.GM