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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


You Are It


           We are all on a journey of discovery that requires us to acquire knowledge on the way to Gnosis. Once a certain level of awareness is attained, the Truth will jump out at you as if you got hit with a bolt of lightning. The Truth has been hidden in plain site for millennium. Once this Truth is attained, It will not only set you free, but open the gate to your true state of consciousness.

        Unity Consciousness in the 5th Dimension is the destination. Awareness is the key that unlocks the prison that has held humanity hostage from the beginning of Time.

       With more knowledge and experience, if we pay attention, one develops a sharp mind that pierces through the illusory reality that is dominated by our desire for sensual pleasure and escape.  We've been tricked into using our intellectual thought, free will and intention to animate a universe  according to somebody else's agenda .

      The Way of the Spiritual  Warrior is a lonely, pathless quest. As we traverse this return to the stars, our experiences and relationships serve as reflections of our progress.We must comprehend the fact that there are no mistakes. Our reality is created by what we've been conditioned to beLIEve. The trick is to shed all said programming and know that we are the creators of our story. In the end, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

       Taking back the reigns of our chariot and awakening to the fact that we are the authors of our story is a huge responsibility.The options are endless. Quantum physics tells us that a multitude of  potential universes are available to step into and animate at any given moment. When we awaken in our dream and realize our immense power, nothing can stand in our way of manifesting the reality of our choosing.

       Balance is the key. A merging of the Light and the Dark ... the Feminine and the Masculine ... the Yin and the Yang. A tether of humility and gratitude must be established to keep us grounded. For when the Fire is ignited, it's very easy to get lost and misuse our new found glory of the fearless Serpent.

       Many talk about surrendering to the Will of the Absolute. Would it be too egregious to enter into a partnership with the Force that animates the universe? Asking for guidance while at the same time being given the ability to take off the training wheels and fly like the eagles that we are. All fear and doubt must be abandoned .... for these states of mind only serve to remove us from the present moment and inhibit merging with the Absolute power of the Unnameable, Unknowable One.

       Stepping into the cosmic river of destiny requires us to stop fighting the Flow and start riding the lightning with Grace. The Transcendental Attractor is at our disposal. Ready and willing to deliver the reality that we desire as co-creators. Of course discernment must be practiced. Because in the end, debts must be paid.

      Mastery of our emotions and the development of 6th sense of Intuition will unlock our ability to tap into our latent powers that were available before the Fall. Reconnecting with Source ... downloading the necessary knowledge will assist us to transcend time and space and break out of the Matrix of intellectual thought.

The Unknowable One is cheering us on. Holding up a mirror of our progress on a daily basis as we make the journey to liberate our Spirit and unify with The One. As we make our pilgrimage  back to the Eternal Spirit, we must shed all the shackles of the 3rd Dimension , jump into the Abyss and finally 'Let Go and Flow'.

Now .... Is our mission to surrender or merge with The One?

Probably both.

I do know One thing .... it's time to Awaken  Unite and Generate..... because You Are It.



The Truth Unveiled

           What is thy tale of woe? A journey of ignorance and misguided deeds? Surrounded by ghosts that are merely acting their parts in the Grand Drama of Soul Evolution? How many times must One fall before they realize their Cosmic Fire and birthright?

         The journey of Initiation and Truth is indeed a pathless land. Fanning the flame within vs without. So many clues yet so many tests and traps ultimately catch us in their snare.

          The silence about the Truth is deafening. As if the secret of secrets is to be acquired with no one present. So many sad eyes watching you crash and burn. Hoping ... praying that you will find your way.

           Truth is not found in the classroom, the chapel or the boardroom. It must be manifested thru Trial and Error. Joy and Pain. Love and Wisdom. The Fire within must be stoked and smoldered. Rekindled and set a blaze again.

            Walking after crawling ... eventually needing a staff, the Riddle of the Sphinx is answered. It is Man that must discover he is Divine ... both strong and sweet.

             Not one will whisper the Key. It must be discovered thru Love Determination and Will.

             Conditioned to believe that The One is without, I stumbled upon the Divine spark within.

             Honing my skills, I refused to hide. It's in my blood. Tragically authentic, the Greek play unfolded with timely precision. The song played on as deaf ears listened.

            The music is in the silence. The high pitched ringing in my ears whispered the clue. Know Thyself yet abandon it in the nick of Time.

            The paradox revealed. It's all an illusion. A projection of my inner state of Mind.

            Between the lines is the story.

            Blinded by Darkness. Distracted by the glitter. Resisting the tempting pull of the Dark Orb.

            Refusing to feed the lost souls of the Astral plane, I learned to dance with my Shadow.

            For my eyes were made to see and ears to listen. Stepping off the carousel, the show ceased it's nimble step. It's all a dream.

            Twain in faces, Intuition will guide you beyond the Grand Facade.

            Gnosis is To Forget.

            The Truth Unveiled.


What's Your Story?

      'What's Our Story?' is one of the most important questions we could ever ask ourselves. And more importantly is understanding that we are the authors of the story. This is Gnosis ... coming to the realization that we are powerful, divine beings that are having a human experience. Co-creators that have at our disposal the ability to manifest whatever reality we do so desire.


      During one of my hot yoga classes last year, my instructor Carrie made an extremely important point while my legs were burning while holding the 'power chair' position. She said, " Pain is only a sensation. A story that our body is telling us. Instead of running from or avoiding this sensation, simply acknowledge  it, experience it. Let it know that we appreciate the information and let it go.... it's just a story." Pretty profound to say the least.

    This leads me to the question of anxiety, depression and other extreme states of mood. Are we creating these experiences? Are we dictating the story which is leading to uncontrollable states of mind? In a word, yes.

We Are What We Think

        The more I study/experience the art of co-creation, the more I feel that we've been mislead to beLIEve that life is something that 'happens to us'. In my humble opine, nothing could be further from the truth. We've been blessed with free will and the power of  intention. So basically whatever we experience is in direct correlation to what version of reality we are choosing to project. We don't have anxiety, we are anxiety-ing. We don't have depression, we are depress-ing.

     This epiphany, when totally understood and embraced, is the Philosopher's Stone. The key that unlocks the prison of victim-hood and opens the mind to co-creation .... the I AM.

     Whenever we are not enjoying the story that we are experiencing, change it ... you are the author. Do we have to grit and bear this excruciatingly boring, novel version of life or can we put our foot down and take a stand? Can we make the transition from programmed reader/hostage to eloquent writer/creator? I say yes.

    "I'm sick and tired and I'm not going to take it anymore". This quote from the movie 'Network' serves as a roll call to all those that want to reinvent themselves ... knowing that if we 'Imagine It, then It Will Be'. The power of  imagination and conscious intention is only recently starting to gain momentum. Thanks to  Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and  Paul Levy, we are constantly reminded to 'Awaken in the Dream' of life and start co-creating.

     Google 'Dispelling Wetiko'. Google 'Spiritual Alchemy'. Google 'Hermes Trismegistus'. Google 'Gnosis'..... the clues are All there.

    I truly feel it's time to wake up from our slumber. Personally, I've found it imperative do a thorough self evaluation and rid myself of destructive behavioral patterns as well as my egocentric self-defense mechanisms that no longer serve me.

    We are powerful. We have the ability to harness the energy that animates the Universe. Because we are the Universe. And it is our God given right to author a story that is the epitome of unconditional love and  passionate joy.

   So again, I ask ...... What's Your Story?


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