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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Mount Union Lecture

     My experience at Mount Union was awesome. Dr. Tamara Daily was a great host and I look forward to our next event. GM

‎"On October 12, 2011, retired NFL punter Greg Montgomery Jr. presented the Annual Mental 
Health Awareness Lecture at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. Mr. Montgomery 
shared the story of his diagnosis with Bipolar II Disorder and the challenges he has faced in 
creating his own path toward recovery. Mr. Montgomery challenged the audience to think about 
Bipolar Disorder in particular and mental illness more generally in the broader context of life 
experiences, family relationships, and individual responsibility. Using candid personal 
reflections, Mr. Montgomery shared his belief that living well with Bipolar involves both 
respecting the illness and learning to use it to one’s advantage. The evening’s most potent
 message was that people experiencing depression and anxiety have the power within 
themselves to choose more productive and fulfilling paths and limit the negative impacts of toxic

                                 -  Dr Tamara Daily - Dept of Psychology - Univ of Mount Union

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