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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Love and Tolerance

Kierkegaard wrote, "... to love human beings is still the only worth living for -- without that love, you really do not live."

And within love, there is tolerance.

    How many times can we recall letting other people's actions serve to ruin our mood? What is it going to take to understand globally that the only person we can control is ourselves. Both how we 'act'  and how we ' re-act' to external stimuli is entirely up to us.

    I feel there is a dire need for recovery on many different levels when it comes to today's society. Due to our programming,  we have been and are currently being taught to react to life's many challenges by pushing ourselves deeper and deeper into a separate-self consciousness. An 'us vs them' mentality that only serves to keep us in turmoil. My position is that this is by design, but we'll save that thought for another day. Let's focus on a remedy.

   I believe that every human's true essence is good. I've always sought to see the good in people. This approach has serves me with mixed results. But I refuse to take the bait .... to think that people actually are 'aware' of their 'unawareness'. They simple need to wake up.

   Due to the vast array of experiences, trials and tribulations, people have been tricked/programmed to think that we need to be selfish. That in order to get what we want, we need to ignore other people's feelings altogether.... taking all we can for ourselves. This continues to separate our society, leaving no room for growth towards a unity consciousness.

    If we could could only take the time to look for similarities in our fellow man. To find a way to ignore the superficial differences, stereotypes and stigmata. We're constantly being bombarded by the media reminding us how we are different. This leads to judgement. And when we judge, we put labels on people, setting them apart from ourselves. This protocol is very dangerous.

   When we have an ' us vs them' mentality, most of our actions/thoughts lead to a state of mind that divides us. That being said,  we are at a crucial point in the evolution of spirit on this planet. The cosmos are realigning,  opening us to a whole new paradigm. The more we continue to compete, stereotype and put other people in categories/groups other than our own, anger/hatred/jealousy spread like cancer throughout the universe.

   You see, we're all connected. We are one heartbeat within the Divine Matrix of the universe. A collective consciousness. All of our actions, thoughts and emotions effect everyone else on the planet whether we know it of not.

    This is where the case for love and tolerance comes in. Once we realize we need to change our thought patterns and send loving energy into the universe, the collective consciousness will be fed and will grow towards the tipping point. We all have an infinite source of wisdom that is at our finger tips. And the key to accessing this knowledge is love.

   It's imperative that we stop judging others, always thinking we know what's best for them. If we take a good hard look at ourselves, we'll notice that we have a wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally.We're been tricked, folks. Thinking that in order to love someone, we need to love everything they say and do. People's actions and thoughts are not necessarily who they are.... their true essence.

   We are all in this game called 'life' together. And the sooner we realize our similarities vs our differences, we'll be able to take a quantum leap towards a loving, tolerant unity consciousness....where there's no room for anger and hatred. Focusing on our similarities, we can grow towards an environment of communication, acceptance and unconditional love. Taking the time to to really listen to the heartbeat of the universe. Think about it. Separateness is rampant in society today. Black, white, Republican, Democrat, tall, short, fat, thin. WTF? Anything or anybody we don't understand, we basically want to destroy with judgement, senseless gossip or full on hatred. And the funny thing is we're not even aware of it. It's been programmed into our subconscious mind from a very early age. Divide and conquer anyone?

Change has to happen. And it has to happen now. The more we live in a separate-self consciousness, the more conflict, violence and turmoil will continue to plaque the world. We have to wake up to a new awareness. Make the effort to contribute to the growth of unity consciousness through tolerance and understanding that all human beings want the same thing: LOVE.

Our capacity to love, our ability to take the time to understand that all humans are on similar paths to spiritual growth will knock down the barriers that keep us separate. No more biting, scratching and climbing up on each others backs in order to achieve superficial acknowledgement, fortune and fame.

Mass media teaches us that we need more 'things' in order to be happy. What if the truth was known that we have all we need internally. Infinite wisdom and the capacity to love one another unconditionally. Tolerance for our differences and finally understanding that each one of us is at his/her own point of spiritual development. Some of us farther along than others. But by showing patience and sharing our love and wisdom with others will only serve to help them along their journey.

Prayer, meditation and actively sending love out to the Divine Matrix that connects us all will push forward the process of unity consciousness ..... And it will make love 'tip'.

One - GM

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