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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Rise Up


          Over the last 18 months, I've been struggling with the "Why?". After many sleepless nights and introspection, I've come to find the answer is "Why not?". Our pain is self chosen. If we want to co-exist with others, we must weed our own garden.  Clean up our act. A 'mirror approach' on stabilization/recovery/productivity will restore order to our families and communities. We must start with a solid Foundation. The Roots. The Base. The Source.

      In rebuilding our family relationships as well as our communities, the one constant is change. And change we must. One person at a time.

    Bad News -  Psychologically, most our neuroses are  formed in our youth....our developmental years of 1- 6 yrs old. After this age, the computer(brain) is hard wired. Each situation will vary depending on predisposition, social settings, abuse, neglect, life's experiences(tragic/joyous), but the table is set.

 Good news - These patterns can be re-molded through education and spiritual growth in the  community as well as the family unit. It is my experience, that if all we all participate with an open mind, the sensitive issues can be  identified and resolved. It will take a team effort. And the entire team will need to rise up and be honest with the person in the mirror.

    Never for a lack of effort, we constantly fail to find each other's 'sweet spot'. This leads to the feeling of never  understood and self pity.  We need to find a way to communicate. Be heard...... given a voice. Meaning we all must not only support social issues, but choose to engage in the  re-building process as well.  As we all know, the lack of communication, or lack of effective communication for that matter, is the main cause for destructive and rebellious behavior. Tone. Context. Verbiage.Prejudice. No matter the reason, the results are always the same.

   In all walks of life, one must realize that our environment is product of our own thoughts and actions; hence we are part of the problem. Our friends,  family and co-workers are in essence a projection of ourselves. If we engage in the deconstruction of the ego(the attachment to external things), we can take the necessary steps to 'peel the onion' and start to grow. We all have a choice. If we choose to address our own issues(take our moral inventory) fearlessly, we can recovery as a family/community. And it starts with the image in the mirror.

Rise Up - GM



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