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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


HELLoooo....Is There Anybody Out There?

     As you can imagine, throughout my many years of playing college and professional sports, I've heard some classic quotes from some classic coaches. And this one stands out. George Perles, my head coach(and teammate of my father) at Michigan State said, "You either hang together ... Or you hang separate".

    And it's that simple.

    Those of us that have been on 'the dark side' need to recognize some things if we're going to 'make it'. There are many levels of depression, and we all know them well. My recently named position of National Spokesperson for  is living testimony that I'm on the right track.

    That being said, as George Perles said, all those that want to be in our lives need to make a choice. They need to figure out who's side they're on and where they want to go....and with whom. Because we're going to succeed(recover) with them or without them.

      This leads me to the question of  "Are we ever going to get through"? 

      'Smart money' says  "No". 

     Even though we really appreciate their concern, all those friends and family that are 'stuck in the past' need be kicked to the curb(gently). Once their job of 'saving us' is taken out of their hands ..... and they can no longer inhale the fumes of our victory(recovery) is then we find out who our true friends are.

        As Jack Kennedy said, "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan." The funny thing - this quote inadvertently applies to all of us.

       I had my latest epiphany in W Palm Beach while visiting with an old 'friend'.

     We really have to 'let go'.....let go of the 'chains of guilt'.....and stop swimming in the 'river of deceit'.

     We all know the definition of insanity. And that question is usually directed at us when 'those that care' are hammering us with stories of our past trials and tribulations. The real issue of insanity is this - 'Why do we continue to believe that 'these people'(that have never understood us) are going to miraculously going to catch our drift?    News flash - It ain't happening.

    Here are a few open questions for you to chew on.........

    How do we get our friends and family to open(clear) their minds?

   When the mind viruses of 'our handlers' are rampant, how do we know when to move on....cut bait?

   How do we avoid activating their EGO when the conversation turns to them?

   In order for them to grow with us, do we need to give them scientific facts that explain how their brain (ego) functions?

    How many parents/teachers/coaches that learn  they were originally “wrong or mislead” (while parenting/teaching/coaching)  actually make 'the shift'(to enlightenment)?

    Is there a 'soft approach' for us to use when it's their turn to list their old habits and ways of teaching that could be improved upon? .... The very root of our pain.

    Are we the only ones that need/want to grow(mind body spirit)?

       In this day of PhD's, MD's, Fox News and "say’s who's?", it is very difficult(and frustrating) for us to get through to those that need written proof we are on the right track. It's sad that he very people that 'think they are helping' just so happen to be using an extremely rigidly programmed belief system based upon what they’ve “heard” and what they “thought” was right/correct/effective. What if they are(were) wrong?......... And if so, do they really care?

  I've learned that this is a very slippery slope. And there will come a time when we need to make a decision. And that decision will be ours, not theirs.

 On that note, I'm going to 'therapy'. GM


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