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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Golf, Dogs, Punts and Parents

 Its amazing how looking at one’s golf swing (and  dogs/babies for that matter) can give many clues on the psychological make-up of a human being; Control, patience, attention span, goals, data storage/retention.

      The golf swing, as with the punting stroke and as in life, is a process that takes focus/ memory to successfully execute.  Once the basics are learned, we need to figure out (and practice) remembering “how” to do it, but at the same time “how not” to (think). 

      Own the moment, not the scene.  Or better yet, own the process (swing, motion), not the game (scene).  By saying the “right” thing, wearing the best clothes, using the most technically advanced equipment won’t make you a good golfer, punter or parent.

Process vs. Results 

      In order to attain a desired results, it is the process that needs to be mastered; mentally and physically.  In this results driven society, the most common error is to think “we got it” and not take the time to do the work. Take the time to 'watch our minds' and execute our pre-shot/punt/life routine; ultimately forgetting to “read the directions”.

      There’s nothing wrong with having the desire to succeed, however, once you “step into the batter’s box” up “onto the tee box” or 'back to punt", we must go thru a simple pre-shot/swing routine and then,  ZEN.

      We have to have the ability to ignore negative mental chatter and execute the entire routine/process/swing. Having 'the gift of being'..... The ability to approach life with a 'Ce La Vie' approach, will allow us to “Let it Happen”, be absolutely  Present, free our mind with the rare ability to totally Focus, Relax, and Execute.

When we approach life with a 'Half Full' attitude. We will be blessed .

The Do's ...........“Let go” --> Set and Pull, Seeing Great Results, Quantum Positive, “put a good move on it” 


The fatal 'Half Empty'  approach........

The Don'ts  --> Over thinking, Focusing on negative thoughts, Tightening up, Forcing it, Making it Happen/The Results, Squeezing it, White Knuckling it, Panicking.

      One thing I’ve noticed about people(the majority) is that most want to keep things “in a box”, simple, generally vague(and boring) --> Regular and Normal.  No one really wants to take the time to slow down and “smell the roses” or “read the directions” in order to execute “the process”........... Focusing on results, 'What if’s' and 'Oh no's' is death.

      When we(they) “get stuck” and forget to go thru the process, the brain will malfunction and lock onto the negative thought pattern and/or focus only on “one part/aspect” of the swing(life) . The only is destiny will be  disaster....... leading an incomplete and abbreviated swing-> forcing.  An incomplete swing by attempting to make the results miraculously happen, when we must focus on what we can control..... Ourselves.....Our process.......... Our “catch to kick” .

     Moral to Story -  Focus on what you actually CAN control.  The swing (Process) versus the shot (Results) .


      As in conditional love, we can’t approach a motion by focusing on “what we need/want” in order for to get the desired results.  And focusing/complaining about these said conditions(obstacles)  will ruin the movement(process). When we fix(work on) ourselves, all those around us will gladly follow suit. 

“We Are What We Teach” 

      Which brings me to the dogs and children. The inherent personalities are a sometimes a grave reminder of who we are and how we approach life. 

 “Now Noel, you don’t want to discipline away her personality” was once said by a doting grandfather to his daughter in reference to the disciplining of of her wily 4 yr old.

“Lord, give me the strength,  to accept things I cannot change, to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

The Art of Listening (Listen to Learn) 

      For us to learn(and teach), we have to learn to listen.  We can’t expect someone to “fix us” and/or teach/learn with a predetermined “way we want”.  We have to be patient and allow the the results to manifest. So  PAY ATTENTION .......... and LISTEN.

 Being prepared to learn is an art. And being patient enough to teach is a miracle.

The Art of Learning 

      Most people only want to hear what suits their needs. And in some cases, project their insecurities upon us in the process. 

Good News - Once these mind viruses are purged, it is then we will learn.  It is then we can take life to the next level........ and Free our Minds!

 Bad News - Most are lost souls destined for mediocrity.  Trapped in a life they “thought” they wanted ... living “results driven” and eventually,  the stress of not being “in control”,  will kill them. As the  Montgomery Mirror Approach states.... if you kid yourself, ignore what you see in the mirror and think you’re in control, especially when you’re a pleaser, a “yes man”, “a follower” and NOT a thought leader........ the future is bleak  At the end of the day, you'll have no control......and  no friends. Only subordinates and feaux aquaintances.  I speak from experience......If you’re dumb enough to think people don’t notice your lack of control.... your  EGO .......   and you foolishly confuse your paycheck with wisdom, you will....  mark my words... pay HALF!  It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Moral? - Pay Attention! 

    It's a fact ........ that a head strong student/friend/family member will sometimes need to be totally exhausted in order to finally let go. Try not give up on them  For the tired body (and mind) will eventually give up “trying to DO the motion(life)” and finally ALLOW the motion(life) to unfold. I've been blessed to have the ability to “unlearn” my “control moves” in life and now strive to partake with a free mind, body and spirit. ................   And that, my friends,  will continue to be the all too elusive trick.

How's that for a Wednesday morning rant?!

Piece - GM


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