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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Zen Golf, Punting and Life - Random Thoughts


              “Letting Go in Order to Gain Control”

Repetition will instill muscle (brain) memory in order to focus on 1-3 swing thoughts while competing on the golf course and in a stadium filled with 78,000 fans..  I’ve always been in search of the “perfect move” (swing) in punting, golf and ultimately - life .  Even though ‘it’ took 45 years to manifest, ‘letting go‘ has given me the gift of ‘control’ on the course…. the practice tee/green………. and life.

There is a very fine line between success and failure when we finally ‘let go with a purpose'. Especially in the game of golf->just as in the game of life (punting).
Being able to “trust the process”, clear your mind and allow your swing(life) unfold naturally is definitely something to strive for.  However, the next step is to “put it all together” and consistantly execute.  Working on ingraining swing movements into my subconscious mind has put me in a position to “take my relationship” (mind, body, spirit) to the next level.

We all need to free our minds from the limitations that accompany a “results driven mindset”. Thoughts..whispers of  “I’ve never shot 65”, “I hope I don’t pull this putt”, “Wouldn’t it be stupid to snap hook this drive?”....... All the way to “How will this win change my life?” on the PGA Tour.  Tiger has proven time and again that he has been blessed/taught/learned to focus at a level never known in the history of golf. This is life. The art of ‘ Focus’………..think 'The Eye of the Tiger'.  

I’ve been blessed to experience ‘it’(the zone) in small  but poignant doses. Though I had much ‘success’(statistically) with my punting, my new goal is to implement this freedom into my golf game. I can vividly remember throwing the  football (back to my center/coach) while in my crouch position when I used to  hold for FG’s in the NFL………my hips were preset(turn) and awkward(correct) position forced me to turn my shoulders and throw the ball with body……….it was magical. My never ending quest…my unquiet mind…..the constant grind.  Hilarious, but so frustrating. I knew it was ‘in there”, but I squeezed when I should have “Let Go”….physically, spiritually and mentally. This ‘squeezing of life' served to hold me back in all of my endeavors whether it be on or off the field.

Then came 2003, when I found it!(whole other story) Too little, too late for my NFL punting career, but I share it and coach it. (Google ‘Donnie Jones – punter St Louis Rams”) and you’ll see what I mean. We have to be prepared for this 'shift’…..When we finally realize “we are ok” (on the right track), we (the human mind) can do anything…for real!!”  Quantum Thinking prevents us from letting fear (guilt/failure) creep in and plant its evil seed. Know this, people! -  We can compete at ‘levels unknown’.  We have to constantly remind ourselves that‘doubt’  is the number ONE(1) hurdle that separates the boys from the men.  We must strive to free our minds of negative thoughts, destructive loops of “scenarios”, “what if’s”, and “what will the friends family fans say (think)”…………Yes, we need to let go(mental chatter0 and allow life to happen; but always remember we can direct it(guide it) when we relax and respect the process.(fyi - next level of consciousness, folks).
After proper mental and physical preparation, we must(can) always “trust the process” (i.e. I hit a 65 yd punt in 1998 while locked in the “chains of a panic attack”). I simply let my instincts takes over. All the work, repetition and drills paid off....And I didn't even know I had a choice. ...What a 'Seinfeld moment'....When all I had to do my whole career was understand (and believe) we are in control of all of our actions….catch to kick….address to finish…sunrise to sunset. And that’s it, folks ……….

So the moral to the story is: 1) Focus   2) Execute (allow)  and  3) Enjoy (let it happen) the ride!  .....The Mystery............... GM


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Gregory Montgomery, Jr. said...

同意。 我的理論是花時間了解花和蝴蝶。集成了一個成功的教學模式,給這個孩子最好的機會的成功。