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True Power

" True power does not need arrogance, a long beard and a barking voice. True power is attained with silk ribbons, charm and intelligence"

- Oriana Fallaci in "Il Divo"


Is Your Depression Self-Induced?

Interesting read by Readabout's Depression Treatment Team

Self Induced Method To Conquer Depression

Did you know you could self-induce thoughts, actions, words, and feelings into your mind? Self-inducing means to persuade self to do carry out actions, while influencing the mind to act or think of someone or something. For instance, she self-induced the fear in her mind that she would fall if she climbed the ladder. Self-inducing produces a physical or mental state reaction. Now, did you know that some types of depression are self-induced?

Depression is an emotional state of mind. Just as you tell yourself you feel sad, you can interject thoughts in your head to tell self you are happy. Interjection is the process of exclamations in action, which express emotions. The interjections pronounce sounds, words, phrases, expressions, strong emotions and the like, including pain and/or surprise that ordinarily would not have meaning.

The mind composes the subconscious and conscious mind, thus sometimes we are unaware that we self-induce feelings, words, actions, and the like into our minds. Sometimes we use introjections, which are adoptions of other person's values. This means we unconsciously introject values and/or attitudes into our minds, which come from others' who we wish to impress, or sometimes people who we want to accept us. Sometimes we even use projections to estimate our worth. The projections can turn to protrusions. Projections is the unconscious mind, which transfers our inner mental life through ascriptions of personal feeling, thought, impulses, and the like, reflecting them on others.

Therefore, you want to check your depression to make sure it is not self-induced. Life has its vicissitudes, however most times we can self-induce in our minds to strive for the future with positive prospects in mind. When you suffer depression, you are only denying self, as well as reflecting your influences on other people around you. This leads to family chaos, loss of friends and family, and so forth. The highs in lows in life are merely facts of being of worth or valuable. The unexpected change (s) in vicissitude light, could only lead to good fortune if you allow it.

Most depressed souls wallow in their own pity. Most times, they will reflect their feelings and thoughts on others' asking umpteen dozen questions, and all the while, they hold the answers themselves. I have overcome many mountains, and still climbing. If you can learn to overcome your mountains, you will come to conclude that anything life has to offer you, there is an answer. Thus, the overall answers to manage and conquer depression lies within you, still you need to build qualities that make it happen.

Block building:
Confidence: I have confidence that I can count on my self-reliance to manage and conquer my depression. I have faith and will reform my beliefs if necessary, to manage and conquer depression. I will seek support, while remaining loyal to manage and conquer my depression. I have doubts. Start building blocks against those doubts, since doubts is only failure waiting to happen. You should never doubt anything you do in life.

What are my beliefs? What do I have faith in and where are my convictions? What are my principles? Now, use your idea making tools to pull up some answers. The more you train you will find confidence to achieve, trust in you, and certainty that will remove distrust.

Examine self-respect and self-esteem. What did you come up with; self-esteem and self-respect is primarily one in the same. Once you start building confidence your self-respect and self-esteem will rise. Keep in mind, when you do not respect you, you will not respects others, which could lead to great loss.

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